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Our References
Ampian is an integral partner of our business. They provide spot-on high-performing individuals time and time again. Ampian has taken the time to understand our business so they know what type of individuals we look for, and what type would fit best in our culture. Their competitive pricing is great, but their customer service and quality individuals are even better! I do not hesitate to reach out to Ampian whenever I have a staffing need. They are honest and trustworthy -- which unfortunately, is hard to find in this industry. We have dealt with many staffing agencies, but Ampian is who we continue to engage with ? I know I am in good hands with Ampian.
It is with pleasure that I provide this highly positive recommendation for Ampian Staffing. As a Human Resources Director for American Express, I have rarely sought help from 3rd party recruiters to fill positions. However, over the last 6 months I have found it necessary to secure the services of Ampian Staffing to help recruit high talent and screen them for the qualifications we needed. I found the staff at Ampian Staffing to be highly responsive and relentless in their efforts to rapidly find a full slate of qualified and experienced candidates for these critical positions. As a result of their efforts we were able to rapidly fill these critical positions with highly qualified and skilled candidates. This focused and expert support from Ampian Staffing helped in maintaining momentum during a critical phase of a very sensitive project and eliminated the inherent risk that would exist without the right people in place. I fully endorse and recommend Ampian Staffing to assist you in your staffing needs. I have full confidence that you will find them to be fully capable in fulfilling your staffing needs. Perhaps equally importantly, you will find them to be a pleasure to work with in conducting your search for candidates. Please feel free to give me a call should you wish to discuss more fully.
I have found over the past several weeks that Ampian Staffing has an excellent handle on their client's requirements, understand their goals and objectives and are reality based when he discussing opportunities with me.  Despite having a long career during which I participated in an extraordinary number of interviews, Ampian’s take on helping me was refreshingly simple and complete with outstanding tactical information.  Even if this opportunity doesn't work out, I would be more than happy to refer any friends/colleagues of mine who might need a real "headhunter" to Ampian Staffing. If the opportunity ever arose for me to seek an agency as an employer/hiring manager, I would certainly think of Ampian Staffing.
As a mid sized company, our IT staffing needs are small and we don't hire very often.  When we do hire, we want to make absolutely sure we find the right fit for the job.  What I have found is that other staffing agencies will send me every resume they come across in the hopes that at least one of them will be what I'm looking for.  Ampian, however, took the time to really understand all the aspects of what we were looking for.  Not only did they help me define the technical abilities we were looking for, but also the personalities that would fit with our close knit IT team. Rather than sifting through 10-15 resumes a week, most of which were not even close to what I was looking for, Ampian would send me 2-3 quality applicants a week.  Instead of interviewing multiple unqualified applicants, wasting both my time and theirs, I interviewed a few very qualified applicants, any of which would be a great fit.  The hardest part for me was to figure out which applicant was the best fit. As a hiring manager, I give my highest praise and recommendation for using Ampian for all of your hiring needs.