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Contractors are specialists who work on specific projects, or on a short-term basis. Contract Staffing is the most flexible solution when staffing requirements are unpredictable, tentative or even temporary. It allows companies to hire precisely the talent they need, whenever they need it, for as long as they need it. It also allows for contractors to plan for employment, because start dates and end dates are generally known up front. Contract staffing allows for immediate results without long-term commitment.


The Contract-To-Hire option is a safe, cost-effective way to evaluate a candidate's performance and fit, before making a hiring commitment. Contractors are able to demonstrate their value as they complete specific projects and tasks, while employers are able to realize the candidate’s worth under real working conditions. Hiring decisions aren’t made just through an interview. They are made as the fit is determined over time. During this time, contract employees remain on Ampian Staffing payroll. Our clients maintain the option to convert them to their payroll with complete confidence, either for a modest conversion fee, or until a predetermined period of time elapses. Contractors will also know they are being hired by a company that appreciates their skills, and considers them a value to the organization. Employee retention and satisfaction can be maximized through this means of hiring.

Direct Hire

The Direct Hire option allows companies to fill key full-time positions, by utilizing the full power of Ampian’s extensive network of resources. Companies gain access to prime passive candidates, who may be working for competitors, and who may not actively be seeking new employment opportunities. For a fraction of the time and expense of completing their own recruitment efforts, employers have the choice of the most qualified candidates for the position, already pre-screened with their references checked, and ready for hire. Candidates know they’re being considered for a position with long term opportunity, and they can approach the responsibility with determination and commitment. When candidate and company both know the fit is perfect, Direct Hire is the right choice.

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